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Álbum (2006 – 2016)

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It’s all real, you just need to give up on your anguish
Rumor, 2006
150 x 192 cm
Photographs: 1999 — 2007

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Detectives II
The Polish Club Case

To believe was all that mattered

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Z (Part I Summer 1938 – Autumn 1939)

The album of a Portuguese facial surgeon in Germany before WWII and his return to Portugal

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New notes about the Index
9_Fumo_nova copy
Protegido: CRATERA

No hay extracto porque es una entrada protegida.

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Z (Part II Autumn 1939 – Spring 1940)

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Cenas da vida privada
Ambient 4

A search for a place. A man and his double.

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Reencenação #8
110x150 cm
Privado: Reenactments

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