Metodologias (com Rodrigo Tavarela Peixoto)


2008 and 2009


Methodology can be defined as a project of fieldwork that uses photography as an analysis tool.

Methodology uses field investigation techniques that are derived from science, more specifically from archaeology.

Methodology makes a geographical delimitation of a territory in order to analyse it, gathering samples to create an archive.
These samples don’t have to belong to any previous defined category.
Methodology investigation steps are as follow:


  1. Definition and delimitation of a physical space
  2. Observation and election of samples
  3. Collect and catalogue samples
  4. Documentation in studio of the samples collected
  5. Making of a cast plaster mould of the space (this mould can remain in the place where it was made, or be removed and exhibited).


Methodology empties the method of scientific research, removing the initial hypothesis from the process, only exercising a way of doing.
Methodology is destitute of any will of obtaining a rational knowledge.
Methodology is just that – an applied method, from which an archive is constructed.
Methodology has two parts belonging to a broader group show – Paisagem e Povoamento I (Sines) and Paisagem e Povoamento II (Montemor-o-novo), from the collective DOZE of which Duarte and Rodrigo were members along with 10 other elements.



Surface plaster cast model on the spot
Surface plaster cast model on the spot
Surface plaster cast model at an exhibition
Surface plaster cast model at an exhibition

Sines production shots
Paisagem e Povoamento I
2008 (90×110 cm)

Paisagem e Povoamento I
2008 (each 40×40 cm)

Paisagem e Povoamento II
2009 (each 40×40 cm)